Boredoms & Heartstrings / Erotic Market

Boredoms & Heartstrings / Erotic Market Boredoms & Heartstrings / Erotic Market
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After two opus on power («Queendoms») and boredom («Boredoms»), Erotic Market resonates with its own creations for an unprecedented and combined reappropriation. Marine Pellegrini invites matchmaker Romain Dugelay on this burning quest, and he offers him a carpet of sensitive ropes to lie down…

With the quartet The Heartstrings Ensemble, Erotic Market’s pop R’N’B takes on new textures, and iconic titles flourish in these bright relectures. From pop dilated to classic or classic poppers shots… it’s your choice!
We find in any case the strength of the suggestive texts sublimated by the voice of Marine Pellegrini, but also the science of the crunch of Romain Dugelay, master in the art of marrying musical currents.

© Amaury Rullière

Line Up

Marine Pellegrini : voice
Yovan Girard : violin
Quentin Andréoulis : violin
Estelle Gourinchas : alto
Aëla Gourvennec : cello


Marine Pellegrini : composition
Romain Dugelay : quartet arrangements
Recording : Julien Jussey
@ Mikrokosm Studio
Mixing : Julien Jussey
@ Mikrokosm Studio
Mastering : Stereophonic Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk

05 march 2021
© Compagnie 4000
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