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7 september 2022


After these thirteen summer concerts, each one more magnificent than the other, a back-to-school video for An'Pagay; BATO, filmed nearly a year ago, but which had remained in the hard disk cupboards.

20 june 2022

Erotic Market in the press

"On the second part of these unexpected antics, we find titles from his previous repertoire [....] here transfigured by the countermelody of the strings sumptuously arranged by Romain Dugelay. [...] Witch of flesh and blues, Marine Pellegrini oscillates between languorous drunkenness, shamanic groove and dreamlike R'n'B. Everything is sensual and spicy. In a word: exciting"…

14 may 2022

Photo report / day 4000 #2

Three Colombians, a string quartet, a Koumistani power trio, vocals from Lyon, skillful button pushers, and a wonderful day in Paris. It was good, we will do it again. By the way, there are still some #3998…

8 march 2022

Pixvae 3.0

Finally ! after almost 2 years without being able to meet, the planets have finally aligned to allow us to spend two weeks in the studio, to burn the content of Pixvae's 3rd disc. It was at La Ciergerie (ex Mikrokosm) and Bertrand Gaudillère's eye was still hanging around there.

24 january 2022

Teaser An’Pagay

Everything you wanted to know about An'Pagay. Jafar Film _ Mathurin Prunayre…

1 october 2021

Chimeras / Ramataupia

The good thing about Covid was that there were cravings that came under the pressure of inaction. So the desire that I had for some time to work with an acoustic trio came true. I proposed to Simon Girard (trombone) and Anne Quillier (piano) to work on pieces composed from chimeras made by the graphic designer Ramataupia (with whom I worked on Kouma and Polymorphie). Here are a few of them unveiled to wait….

15 july 2021

UKANDANZ / Photo Report

Yes, you read well! Something is coming 🙂 Shooting directed by Bertrand Gaudillière once again.

8 june 2021

AN’PAGAY / Video 4000

Le Périscope opened the doors of its new venue (go ahead, by the way!) to shoot a live video. And we were great 🙂 Video directed by Mathurin Prunayre (Jafar Film)…

17 april 2021

AN’PAGAY / Photo report

Back in pictures on the working sessions of the creation of the project AN’PAGAY. Magnificent series realized by Bertrand Gaudillère of the collective Item.

4 november 2020

Kouma _ AibohphobiA / Video 4000

Small home-made music video featuring the A-side of Kouma vinyl. #homemade…

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