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1 october 2021

Chimeras / Ramataupia

The good thing about Covid was that there were cravings that came under the pressure of inaction. So the desire that I had for some time to work with an acoustic trio came true. I proposed to Simon Girard (trombone) and Anne Quillier (piano) to work on pieces composed from chimeras made by the graphic designer Ramataupia (with whom I worked on Kouma and Polymorphie). Here are a few of them unveiled to wait….

15 july 2021

UKANDANZ / Photo Report

Yes, you read well! Something is coming 🙂 Shooting directed by Bertrand Gaudillière once again.

8 june 2021

AN’PAGAY / Video 4000

Le PĂ©riscope opened the doors of its new venue (go ahead, by the way!) to shoot a live video. And we were great 🙂 Video directed by Mathurin Prunayre (Jafar Film)…

17 april 2021

AN’PAGAY / Photo report

Back in pictures on the working sessions of the creation of the project AN’PAGAY. Magnificent series realized by Bertrand Gaudillère of the collective Item.

4 november 2020

Kouma _ AibohphobiA / Video 4000

Small home-made music video featuring the A-side of Kouma vinyl. #homemade…

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