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Category / Video 4000 Category / Video 4000
7 september 2022


After these thirteen summer concerts, each one more magnificent than the other, a back-to-school video for An'Pagay; BATO, filmed nearly a year ago, but which had remained in the hard disk cupboards.

24 january 2022

Teaser An’Pagay

Everything you wanted to know about An'Pagay. Jafar Film _ Mathurin Prunayre…

8 june 2021

AN’PAGAY / Video 4000

Le Périscope opened the doors of its new venue (go ahead, by the way!) to shoot a live video. And we were great 🙂 Video directed by Mathurin Prunayre (Jafar Film)…

4 november 2020

Kouma _ AibohphobiA / Video 4000

Small home-made music video featuring the A-side of Kouma vinyl. #homemade…

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