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4 december 2023

Chimères at “Les Muses” record store

It was Wednesday November 29, 2023, it was in Tournon (France) and it was good. Claire for books and Mouna for records welcomed us into their cultural den on the banks of the Rhône, where Mortelle Adèle chats with Nina Simone, and Simone Veil winks at Frederik Peeters. And all this under the ever-sharpening eye of Bertrand Gaudillère.

26 july 2023

Pocket sessions, past _ future

The pocket sessions are over…. but they’re starting up again next season! And not just a little. In addition to continuing our concerts in the original den, the benevolent cradle of our first releases, the Ouvrir l’œil bookshop, we’re starting a series of sessions in bookshops all over the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. We’ll tell you more soon. But before we dive into this exciting sequel, let’s take a little time to immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of the past six magnificent sessions. And let’s also take a…

16 november 2022

An’Pagay, pocket session #2

That was session #2 and it was good. See you on January 25 for session #3 with the Chimères trio (Dugelay/Girard.Quillier). Photos: Bertrand Gaudillère…

14 may 2022

Photo report / day 4000 #2

Three Colombians, a string quartet, a Koumistani power trio, vocals from Lyon, skillful button pushers, and a wonderful day in Paris. It was good, we will do it again. By the way, there are still some #3998…

8 march 2022

Pixvae 3.0

Finally ! after almost 2 years without being able to meet, the planets have finally aligned to allow us to spend two weeks in the studio, to burn the content of Pixvae's 3rd disc. It was at La Ciergerie (ex Mikrokosm) and Bertrand Gaudillère's eye was still hanging around there.

15 july 2021

UKANDANZ / Photo Report

Yes, you read well! Something is coming 🙂 Shooting directed by Bertrand Gaudillière once again.

17 april 2021

AN’PAGAY / Photo report

Back in pictures on the working sessions of the creation of the project AN’PAGAY. Magnificent series realized by Bertrand Gaudillère of the collective Item.

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