Cellule / Polymorphie

Cellule / Polymorphie Cellule / Polymorphie
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On this album, Polymorphie brings together a voice, two saxophones, as many keyboards, a baritone guitar and a drums. When the previous opus “Voix” was working on texts by Nick Cave, Polymorphie grabbed authors who had once known incarceration. “Cellule” thus suggests a selection of strong texts, written in detention by Oscar Wilde, Jean Zay, Albertine Sarrazin, Paul Verlaine and Xavier, an anonymous prisoner.

Line Up

Marine Pellegrini : voice
Romain Dugelay : alto sax
Clément Edouard : alto sax
Lucas Garnier : keyboards
Damien Cluzel : baritone guitar
Léo Dumont : drums



Oscar Wilde : " la ballade de la geôle de Reading "
Jean Zay : " Souvenirs et solitude "
Albertine Sarrazin : " poèmes "
Paul Verlaine : " Un grand sommeil noir"from the collection "Sagesse "
Xavier (Anonymous) : from the collection Paroles de détenus " (Jean-Pierre Guéno)

Compositions: Romain Dugelay
Recording: Lucas Garnier
Mixing: Julien Jussey
Mastering : Nicoals Mieral
Artwork : Le NEKO

06 january 2014
@Grolektif & Compagnie 4000
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