Chimères / CHIMERES

Chimères / CHIMERES Chimères / CHIMERES
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The Cie 4000 is back to find a new pace into the territories of hybrid and globalized
music. A brand new acoustic trio comes out from this machine of mass production of
live and love…

With “Chimères”, the aesthete of musical crunch Romain Dugelay removes his
fingers from the socket for an epic trio. After exploring the sound possibilities of his
instrument with amplification and different additives, the saxophonist-composer goes
back to the source… For this exploration mission for new imaginary worlds, he invites
two high-flying associates: the trombonist Simon Girard and the pianist Anne Quillier.

This three-headed hydra needs suitable space in order to multiply into eight fantastic
creatures, eight syncretic musical pieces that invoke different musical genres…
Inspired by Rama Taupia’s original graphic creations, the tracks evolve on the
borders of the wide-open jazz – from cool to free – and chamber music… This
mythological bestiary conceals some mixed energies, on a large spectrum between
sweetness and bestiality.

Line Up

Anne Quillier : piano
Simon Girard : trombone
Romain Dugelay : saxophone baryton


All tracks composed by Romain Dugelay
Recorded et mixed by Julien Jussey @ Studio La Ciergerie _ Villeurbanne
Mastering : Timothy Stollenwerk
Artwork : Ramataupia
Produced by Compagnie 4000

17 march 2023
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