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It seems that creativity of the musicians who gravitate in the 4000 constellation is endless… The 4000 Cie comes back strong with an explosive new album, which really looks like a chilli candy!

A new sweet for the soul, spicy enough to set the dancefloors on fire! The septet Saroyé unveils its first album « Baba Moin »: the fusional encounter of Reunion Island’s maloya and Cuban rumba, enhanced by many contributions from Africa or South America… A new block for the endless edifice of afro-atlantic music! Under the impulse of Luc Moindranzé Karioudja (Ti’Kaniki, An’Pagay, Parranda La Cruz…), the band pushes further the musical potentialities of this ever-changing cultural space.

Never mind geographical immensities and the boundaries that lacerate them. These musicians with big heart ask questions in Creole and answer them in Spanish, they mix percussions and tones together, they multiply round trips between continents and oceans… And their carbon footprint is very much alike this outstanding project: splendid! In their universe, globalization is galloping but letting no one by the side of
the road. They create a festive, cathartic and popular hurricane.

With Luc Moindranzé Karioudja, there is a team of strong-headed musicians who come from a variety of backgrounds. Four percussionists who donate their choir to his science surround their charismatic leader. By their sides, two colourists fuss over different kinds of sensitive strings to whip up this spicy sauce. Come and get caught by Saroyé hurricane!

Line Up

Luc Moindranzé Karioudja : roulèr, sati, congas, triangle, voix lead, chœurs.
Ken Malaisé : congas, triangle, chœurs
Théo Pages : congas, pikèr, tarlon, chœurs
Nicolas Thé : palito, cloche, sati, cymbale, chœurs
Gael Nekaa Champion : chikéré , kayamb , karkarb, chœurs
Félicité Mansah : chœurs
Luc Yengue Yengue : guitare
Hugo Reydet : baby bass

David Doris : congas (1, 4, 6, 7), chœurs (3)
Cindy Pooch : chœurs (3)
Claudine Pauly : chœurs (3)
Bruno Bassan : congas (6)


Enregistré et mixé par Julien Jussey @ studio la Ciergerie _ Villeurbanne
Mastering : Stereophonic Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk
Photographies : Bertrand Gaudillère
Design Editorial : Chambre Noire
Production : la Compagnie 4000

16 june 2023
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