Boredoms / Erotic Market

Boredoms / Erotic Market Boredoms / Erotic Market
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No one can stay forever with a crown on their head. It’s heavy, cumbersome, conspicuous. Once the kingdoms are delimited, it is an obsolete and ridiculous object.
After the Queen’s territories, come the territories of boredom. Because queens and kings are sometimes, often bored. But to one who knows how to fully welcome boredom, the soil will be most fertile and the royalty long.
After 2 albums and 2 episodes, here is Boredoms, the 3rd opus of Erotic Market, aka Marine Pellegrini, solo since 2016.
Queendoms was closing a cycle, the cycle of taking power. Boredoms opens the one of appeasement and stripping. With the help of King doudou for the production and Ramataupia for the visuals, Marine, author and composer, delivers a very luminous album where melancholy blossoms with dance, like the joyful admission that something has died and something is reborn.

Line Up

Marine Pellegrini : voice
Yovan Girard : violin
Quentin Andréoulis : violin
Estelle Gourinchas : alto
Aëla Gourvennec : cello


All tracks written and composed by Marine Pellegrini
Except "Understand" composed by Nicolas Taite
Executive producer King Doudou
Mixed by Hugo Douster
Mastered by Neemis Mastering
Artwork & Photo by Ramataupia

26 september 2019
@Compagnie 4000
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