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“CALI” is the second album of the group Pixvae. It was recorded between Lyon and Cali (Colombia) in September and October 2019. On this occasion the five musicians of Pivxae invited eight Colombian musicians to record with them.

Line Up

Alexandra Charry : lead vocal & choirs
Margaux Delatour : lead vocal & choirs
Damien Cluzel : guitar
Léo Dumont : drums
Romain Dugelay : baritone sax & keyboards


Laury Bonilla: lead vocal & guasá
Paola Ponce: choirs & guasá
Xiomara Torres: choirs & guasá
Ciro Silva: choirs
Israel Quinonez: lead vocal & choirs
Juan Carlos Arrechea: cununos & bombo
Duvan Diaz: cununos
Hugo Candelario: marimba de chonta


Compositions : Alexandra Charry, Hugo Candelario, Colombian Traditionals
Compostions & Arrangements : Romain Dugelay
Studios: Jafar Studio (Lyon) / Dial Music (Cali)
Taken: Julien Jussey (Lyon) & Lucas Garnier (Cali)
Mixing: Julien Jussey
Mastering: Nicolas Mieral (CD & digital) & Timothy Stollenwerk (Vinyl)
Artwork: Claire Rolland

04 april 2019
@Bongo Joe Records (Vinyle) Buda Musique (CD)
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