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“The Kouma is no longer just a Russian river, but music that floods and radiates the green meadows of your senses that did not expect to be drowned in this sudden and captivating flood.” // Perte et Fracas

“This CD is Kouma’s very first record and it already amazes us with its maturity and originality. Main reason for this: the trio’s really unusual line-up since it houses a baritone saxophone and a baritone guitar too – Kouma’s sound is as uncommon as personal, worked as powerful and finally not always so (free) jazz as that.” // Heavy Mental

“First album for this excellent Lyon trio, which in its own way combines references as diverse as Zu, Morphine or the Flying Luttenbachers. The group moves forward with a bang, without worrying too much about influences to bring us to its own confluence.” // K-Fuel

Line Up

Romain Dugelay : baritone sax
Damien Cluzel : baritone guitar
Léo Dumont : drums


Compositions : Romain Dugelay
Recording: Lucas Garnier at "Caveau du Chien à 3 pattes"
Mixing : Lucas Garnier
Mastering : Michel Vincent

06 january 2012
@ Grolektif & Compagnie 4000
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