AibohphobiA / Kouma

AibohphobiA / Kouma AibohphobiA / Kouma
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AibohphobiA” is Kouma’s third album. In parallel with their work with the groups Pixvae and Polymorphie, the three members of the trio took the time to return to the studio in July 2018 to record this new opus. It is also their first collaboration with the label Dur et Doux.

AibohphobiA” therefore, or palindrome phobia; such is the idea behind Kouma’s 3rd opus: a soundtrack with the reversible character of a daily journey. The first one is the A side; telluric, warm and anchored in the guitar/sax/drum sound familiar to the trio. His negative, inscribed on the B side, is more synthetic and vaporous and takes the trio to other perspectives.

Written by Romain Dugelay, these two pieces are therefore based on a concept of mirror writing where a musical sentence is identical to its symmetrical. A musical palindrome of sorts. The second side is thus the mirror of the first. The singularity of each piece is given by the instrumentation, the pitch and the choice of mixing. A disc built in the form of a concept, but which preserves the sound and energy of the trio.

Line Up

Romain Dugelay : sax bar
Damien Cluzel : guitar
Léo Dumont : drums


Compositions: Romain Dugelay
Recording and mixing: Julien Jussey at the Jafar studio
Mastering: Nicolas Mieral
Artwork: Ramataupia

29 march 2019
@Dur et Doux & Compagnie 4000
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